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Gard'n Mast'r model GW
I came across this CL, The add was a month old and was never reposted. So I figured it was gone. I was very shocked when the owner called and said she still had it! So sight unseen, I rented a trailer and drove the 3 1/2 hours to go get it.I am so glad I did!! I love this thing! It has a 3 speed Dodge transmission and a Dodge rear end. The Drive assembly is simple but great, You push the Pedal on the left to drive the Tractor. What it does is raise the drive units top pulley (has 4 belts) and that tightens the belts on the trans input pulley. It has a hand brake that stops the output shaft on the trans, it's just an E-brake, You don't even need a brake on this, When you raise the pedal the Tractor stops dead. The engine is a 8hp Wisconsin AEN, it has a Wico Magneto, and the engine starts with a crank handle. The tractor came with a Factory front plow blade,Factory wheel weights and chains.The PO installed Electric starting and charging, they also made a custom pto shaft under the tractor. But I removed all this being I want it back to original.(saved it all though) <br />After a carb cleaning and oil change. This thing fired right up, and the engine does not smoke at all.



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