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Showcase cover image for 1955 Wheel Horse RJ-35


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DanP, Very nice restoration! It appears that your RJ35 is actually a 1956. In 1955, when production started on the RJ25-35, the frame rails were made from structural steel angle iron. The steering wheel was cast from aluminum and painted red. The wheels were painted black rear and silver front. Very early 1955 models had a stand welded to the frame to hold the fuel tank. Late 1955 and through 1956 there was a change to a stamped steel frame. The steering wheel was changed to cast iron and painted black. The wheel color was changed to both frt and rear being black. Also in 1956, a stop tab was welded to the end of the shift sector (this is the give-a-way on your tractor). 1957 models switched back to the structural steel frames, wheel color was changed to silver and a steering wheel change from the cast wheel to a steel wheel. Again, Very nice restoration!