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Wheel Horse
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This 1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. Model Number: RJ-58, Serial Number: 11916 was ironically rescued off of a family owned Horse Rescue Ranch ( located in Greenville, TN in November of 2008.

Found in a condition quite worse for the wear, she has been lovingly restored to her original factory-new beauty in just a little under 13 calendar months, and approximately 500 man-hours of labor. The original intention of this restoration was to complete her with 100% original components, with the exception of hardware items.

When originally found in TN, pictures were posted on the internet. Another Wheel Horse collector located in East Hartford, CT offered a "donor tractor" for parts. He also stated he could deliver it to the Philadelphia area during a trip he was scheduled to make on the 1st of June, 2009. By the time this machine was transported to PA, the donor tractor would arrive just a few days later.

Several more parts were required in order to complete this machine. The Kohler K90 engine was located in western PA, and an additional engine was located in MI for spare parts. The K90 was completely restored to original 1957 configuration, including decals. The exhaust system was hand-made from standard 3/4" heavy-walled "Black Pipe" and the original muffler was located in VA. The Exhaust Heat Shield was located in south central PA, as were the Belt Cover, Toolbox/Fender Assembly and the Schnake Recoil.

She is pictured here sporting a 1957 CBR-32 - 32" Sickle Mower, which was acquired from the original owner in MA. Like the tractor, the Sickle Mower was completely restored to original factory condition.

The complete restoration story is located here:



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