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Cub Cadet / IH
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Interesting story on this one. I located it in the weeds near Hackensack during one of my FFA student trips during a garage sale. Nobody was home to ask about it so I just noted it was a Cub Cadet and went home for a little more research. I was new to the hobby and found out it was an Original, something I would like to own. My Brother-In-Law travels a lot with work and has some clients near there so I asked him to check into it. He did, a price was negotiated but I knew I wouldn't get there until the following summer. After some research on whether or not it would fit into a small size Dodge Caravan, I went the following summer not knowing if they'd remember or even if it was still there. IT WAS STILL THERE!! He even said someone asked to buy it but he said someone already had inquired earlier (a whole year later, I would have sold it if I was him). He helped me load it up, gave me some plastic to put down in the van, and I was on my way home giddy as a school girl. I could hardly watch the road due to my staring into the rear view mirror the whole time. It's amazing how you can make something fit. The van still came home with both bench seats.



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