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General Information

My first ever tractor of any kind. Was called by my brother whom had been called by his son in law whom had been called by his landlord whom owns a tractor shop where a customer posted an ad in the window for this machine. The person whom posted the ad was doing it for his girlfriend whos dad had recently passed and she was selling his tractor. Now if you are still following this story and your brain didnt catch fire yet, it means that I either got lucky or this one found me. I haggled a bit from 1500$ pointing out the loose wheel witch would certainly be a major problem (turned out it was) and the poor state the tractor was in. Seeing as theese machines are not really collectible round here the seller didnt argue and jumped on the offer. Took me 3 weeks to get it cleaned up and fixed enough to work. It aint restored but its clean and it does what it was built to do. The seller told me she remembered her dad purchasing the tractor brand new when she was a child. To think this machine has been mowing,plowing and snow blowing for 40 years since the old man bought it. Its got to be a tough little beast and ill be taking good care of it so it can serve me many more years.



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