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my John Deere is 27 years old. This IS NOT a repaint. it is a 1983 318. it is all original except the seat and tires. at the time of purchase it had 540 total hours. i found it with a retired dentist. he told me he was from the school of "take care of your equipment and it will take care of you". i've heard that saying before but he is the only person i've ever seen that actually did it from start to finish. for example......when he would service the air filter. he would replace with official JD filters only, but, he would ALSO replace the foam pre-filter with new one EVERYTIME! i'm not sure how the inside of other onan engines look, but when i check the oil. even with many hours on the oil change, it still looks like i just poured it in. very nice tractor. i am a john deere rookie so i don't have a lot to compare to. but i think its fairly rare to get them in such fine shape. i have some attachments. a front thatcher, #80 tilt bed trailer, a 5HP E-Z power rake, a 48" single stage snow thrower, and a 54" power angle blade. I ENJOY IT EVERYTIME I GOT TO THE GARAGE. i have found a new passion.



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