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Cub Cadet V Twin OH Model 1554. I cannot find that model in the selection drop downs. I am a newbie so please bear with me. My question is on leveling this large deck. Tried to do what the manual says and other instructions on the net, however, I don't see how it is possible.<br />Instructions say to measure blade tips on right and left side. Well that is great on right where shoot is, how are you supposed to do it on the left side when the deck is in the way? Even with the deck raised to max height I can barely get in there to measure the deck.<br />My problem just stated this year on slight slopes and turns it appears the deck is not floating properly. One side is 1" if not more lower than the other side. On flat plains it is off a bit but not much. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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Jack the tractor up high enough to get under it and block up all four wheels so that the deck is sitting level. Then measure each side.