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Found this tractor sitting in some bushes and asked the owner if he was interested in selling it. He gave it to me cause it had a blown engine. I repowered it with a NOS 12.5 Briggs I/C. It currently has 84 hours on the new engine. It's my go to tract
I traded member Deck_Drive an MTD 995 for this. I put new rings in the engine and gave it a tune up and it's been a workhorse. I have wheel weights, 38" mower deck, snow plow, ans 22" tiller for it.
used and abused but complete. missing headlights, and the hood surround is broken, came with a deck
I found my Speedex on Craigslist. It was love at first photo of it! After a drive to Cincinnati from Glendale,Kentucky it was MINE! Hubby and I had great plans for him to restore it, but plans change. A friend (and his wife) who does amazing r
Purchased non-running, has rear 3pt hitch
Kohler 12HP cast iron; stopped mowing with this machine in 2015.
Hi I was wondering if anyone has any info on Ford LGT 120 steering box parts, or tightening up the steering? I understand this is a common problem. Thanks in advance.<br />
A previous owner had painted it green...will correct that asap. Came with a home made blade, a set of chains, a gallon of red paint and a full decal set.
Mf12. mounted cultivator. mowers deck. two snow blowers. plow and bar. tow plow. Strong engine . Carb needs tinkering. Tranny was good. Not used in two years. I must sell in this summer for I am moving and do not want to scrap any of this machinery. Call
Originally had a S7 Wisconsin Re-Engined to a Tecumseh HH100 sometime in the 70&#39;s. It has been in the family since it was purchased new in 1963.
Was sitting in the woods, restored now.
I got my 73 G10 in 2013. It hadnt ran in 21 years. It took me 2 years to complete the restoration and now it runs great.
1964 Cub Cadet 100. k241 runs like a dream. Original deck in great shape as well as fenders, hood, clutch, etc.. Have to many projects or I would keep.
Vanguard 16HP V-Twin. Hydraulic 3 Point. Came with back blade.
Became 1/2 of my Case &quot;442&quot;
John Deere 112 &quot;Patio&quot; in Spruce Blue. Bought from a former student and current friend who acquired it from his ex-wife&#39;s grandmother. Owned by her Grandfather Stanley. Met him once but a really neat man to chat with. We&#39;ve been chat
White Town and Country 110. No serial tag. Purchased from gentleman in Morristown in August 2015. Sold my White GT1000 the same day.
Bought as is at auction. Used in family tractor pulls.
1947 Blackhawk Model &quot;c&quot; heavy Duty Walk Behind Tractor with B&amp;S Model B engine
A field find tractor. A friend came up to me one day and asked if I wanted an old garden tractor. It was sunk in the ground up to its axles and had not run in 10-15 years. So I figured why not&#33;
Bought this beauty from second hand market at internet.<br />The 3 blade-tables were totally worn out, and my friend welded new ones from a pipe and works fine 4ever.
Bought this beauty from second hand market at internet.<br />The 3 blade-tables were totally worn out, and my friend welded new ones from a pipe and works fine 4ever.
Bought non-running, looks fairly complete. Hoping to restore.
ebay find and went to Dalton GA to pu. Was running on one cyl. New coil fixed that. Good plastic, decent paint. Added the 48&quot; deck, AG&#39;s and bumper. Good mower&#33;
Fence row find about 11 yrs ago.1 yr resto project. Recent rear lift/spring assist was added.