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Craftsman GT 6000, model 917.257730. 44" mower deck.
Speedex model 1631. When I purchased it, it came with a turning plow, disc cultivators, 2 cultivator shanks with 6" sweeps, and a 44" belly mower. I have since added 2 offset shanks, some 8" sweeps, and 2 10" hiller/furrowers. Briggs
Craftsman PGT 9000 model 917.289740. 54" mower deck.
The story on my tractor goes like this. I was cruising around one of my diesel truck sites back in December and noticed a guy had an Allis Diesel Garden tractor listed in his signature, I knew right away exactly what he had and had been looking for one fo
Unico 15 sold by Southern States Coop.Another of the many labels under which the MTD 990 was sold. I acquired a snow/dozer blade and a snowblower with it.
Got this one from a friend who has subbed for me and is my Dairy Judging team coach. She thought they had an old Cub sitting around but didn't know for sure. Then one day she let me know it was still there but she didn't know what model. I had a lot of
It was a wreck with all the wrecked attachments. It is getting there!
All there but in bad shape,rust,bad engine in need of allot of work.Now it is a puller.stock 13 fin 16 hp kohler
I traded a Murray garden tractor for my Case Ingersoll!!
Parts tractor not running
This tractor has a few parts off of other tractors (hood) but is a 66, got this with a parts tractor and a bunch of parts. AS of Jan 2 2011 This tractor has now been converted to electric drive. 36volt 2hp electric.
March 27, 2010. This it the 12G from York, PA. It has had the longest ride i have ever taken for one of these tractors-6hrs 30 min one way. It does not run yet, but should be running soon.
I wanted something with more then 12 hp and I have been having this urge for a Cub Cadet or two and came across this one on craigslist. The guy did a pretty decent job on the repaint and has all brand new tires and the motor was rebuilt. The deck is nice
I got this Cub 125 from a guy about 20 miles away from me. It is in really good shape mechanically and is just ready to be stripped and repainted which I will do this summer yet once we get moved. I got it with the mower deck being the only implement bu
Pick this up in the fall of 2009, came with broken engine in pieces in a box, 16hp OHV pressure lube, single. Tractor is in good shape just need's a motor. 5/29/2010 Tractor has being re powered with a new 18hp Kohler Courage motor, cast liner, pressure l
Prev. owner had used it for years of snowblowing in a place with lots of road salt, so lots of rust and the snowblower was pretty much rusted out & worn out. Also the muffler was rusted out. On the pro side it was in good running condition, had had th
Bought this 800 along with an 850 for $250 I restored the 800
Bought this for $75. Which I then restored it. I have alot more than $75 invested in it now LOL.
When we bought it, it needed a good bit of work. We got it with a snowblower, snow blade and mower deck. It pretty much got stripped within 3 days of having it and restored. Every single piece was taken off and sandblasted and repainted and put back toget
I bought this tractor in the fall of 2009, with a mower deck, and snowplow. It had been restored in the past, and the engine was rebuilt. It will likely mow the lawn as well this summer.
My grandfather bought this tractor. I modified a agri-fab blade to work on the front, and have built a sleeve hitch for it. It also has a 50" mower deck.
48" Deck. Only used for lawn mowing. Has blown 2 head gaskets. blew one side at 70 hours, blew the other at 150.
This is my 1977 MTD 990. I am currently rebuilding it. Here is the thread about:
My fathers neighbor gave him this tractor along with a snow blade and mower deck. Huffs a little oil but what do expect at 45 years old.
This is the tractor my father bought in '68 that is still in use today for many purposes. snow blade, mower, grader blade. Engine overhauled roughly 5 years ago has another 40 years left in it.
Found this one on Craig's List from a man who wanted to trade it for a Wheel Horse. I knew where there was one in a local scrapyard and he was interested. So, technically, I owned a Wheel Horse C-141 for about a week although I never had it home. He dr
Another freebee. Actually I traded a deck box I made to one of my students so he could use it as a tack box for showing his cattle at the state fair. Although I like the Kohlers, this is probably my best running engine. Sold it 9/2015 same day I bought
This one came to me from a tip from my Father-In-Law. Someone he has coffee with in the mornings had this JD sitting in his farmsite shed. It turned out to be the neighbor across the road from where I grew up. We hammered out a deal and my Dad helped d
My 116 was a freebee from one of my students who's Dad gave up on the leaky hydro. It sat in the million pieces that I received it for about a year before I was finally ready to put it back together. The hydro doesn't leak but my banging on it caused th
This one came from my former landlord and FFA member Dad's Mother just down the road. He said it was one of the heavy duty ones, not like the ones Sears sells now. He was right. SOLD 11/4/11
This is the second hydro 12 that I got in New Hampshire. It came running with a deck already mounted. I used it last summer to cut the lawn, and it run great. Now it just needs a new muffler, and a good tune-up to do it all again this year.