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I bought this tractor in June 2009, with another MF12h, and an MF12g. THey came with several attachments, like mower decks, a tiller, and snowblowers. THis one was the parts tractor that was repainted. It will eventually get a FEL mounted on it.
I bought this tractor in October of 2008 with an MF10 and no attachments. It was the none running parts tractor of the two, but has become one of my main tractors.
Came with mower, snow blade, unknown snow blower and unknown plow harness.
Got this one 7yr's ago and I use it all the time.
Bought this tractor with a part's tractor in boxes plus some MF7 parts and 2 newly recovered seat's. $350. for everything. Has the narrow wheel option. Finished restoration 9/19/10
Interesting story on this one. I located it in the weeds near Hackensack during one of my FFA student trips during a garage sale. Nobody was home to ask about it so I just noted it was a Cub Cadet and went home for a little more research. I was new to
I purchased this snow thrower at the end of summer 2009. I couldn't pass it up for $50. It was in great shape and had pretty much all of the pieces to hook it up except for the lift rod and the chains and chain brackets. I procrastinated for the longest
Complete frame down restoration completed in August of 2008. Was found by my Father-In-Law near his home where he brokered the deal. Rebuilt the engine, turning down the crank .020 due to a severe knock.
I found this Massey Ferguson MF8 down in Maryland at the end of summer 2009. It is in great original condition and has a brand new original replacement motor. The only attachment I have for it is the mower deck. I also got the original owners manual for i
This is my Massey Ferguson MF12 Variable speed I bought close to the beginning of summer 2009. It has done a great job for me and while the engine does need rebuilt she still runs strong, just smokes a little when first started up cold. She will stripe t