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  1. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    I bought this tonight off of CL. It a Brinly 12.5 garden trailer. It has a dump feature. Removable tailgate and measure about 3 ft x 4 ft. Don't know much about it yet but I'm happy to have around the property.
  2. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
  3. Cub Cadet Tractor Forum
    I have a hard time putting a worn dash plate on a freshly restored Cadet 124 . It appears that the aftermarket decal set includes a dash decal but would require eliminating the aluminum dash plate that is original to the Cub . Has anyone tried to restore one of these ? They appear to have been...
  4. Cub Cadet Tractor Forum
    I restored a 125 last year and I've been wondering, has anyone ever put rubber washers of grommets under the engine to lessen the vibration. It's not bad until I get to high throttle, it would be nice to get rid of that high frequency chatter.
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
  6. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    My son is working on a old Ford LGT 125, we got it started but can't seem to get it to move forward or reverse. The body is removed and some linkage, we are pushing the forward and reverse pedal levers on the right side. Any thoughts?
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1-7 of 7 Results