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  1. Cub Cadet Tractor Forum
    I bought this Kohler K341 16 hp the other day to install in my Cub 149. The Cub currently has a K301 12 hp because the original K321 14 hp needs a lot of machine work before it can run again. The modification for the 16 hp can mostly be done by myself other then the turning of the crank which...
  2. Parts
    Looking for a carb that attaches to a sears st 16 garden tractor with the tecumseh OH160 engine. If you have the air cleaner to go with that would be a bonus but not required. Thanks!
  3. MTD Tractor Forum
    Here is a picture of the tractor that I'm trying to identify. It comes with a tiller that is driven by a pto shaft. The decal says its an MTD. I've noticed that the engines sits on the frame different from my 990. I thought it might be a 960 but I haven't found any 960 pictures that look like...
  4. MTD Tractor Forum
    Found a MTD 990 today on Craigslist. Went out and looked at it. Offered the guy 350 and he excepted. It came with a snow plow. It runs but the starter needs some work and a new ignition switch as well. I only know a little bit about these tractors. If you can tell me anything about this...
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds Pretty Clean Machine!! Don't know if the $900 he's asking is a good price or not. Smitty
  6. Tractors
    Selling my MTD 990 approx. 1973 (16 hp) I have a front mount snowblower that can go with it. GT runs good, I haven't tried the blower. Also selling my 1972 Viking Imperial 16 hp made by MTD, it runs well. Need to make room in the shop. 990 = $650...OBO Viking = $ 400...OBO I have the tires...
1-6 of 6 Results