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  1. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I try to no longer buy copy's of tractors that I already have..... When you have over 85 bolens tractors you try to find stuff that you dont have to save room! I saw this little 59 pop up on craigslist and I knew I just had to buy it just for the attachments for my other Ride a matics so off...
  2. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    I have this 1959 David Bradley tractor. I am trying to find another picture of this decal that is on the belt cover on the right side. It describes what to do about adjusting the clutch. I want to get this decal reproduced but I can't because of the missing info. Thank for any help Tim
  3. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    Hey guys after searching the internet and many forms I found a drawing of the Belt Guard for the 59 Suburban. Its hard to read some of the measurements but its a good start. The dimentions are there. Hope this helps anyone looking to make this guard or get it made. John
  4. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    Hello guys I am new to the fourm. I have 6 David Bradley Walking tractors and 5 older sears Garden Tractors , a B-1 Allis Chalmers and I just recently purchased a 1959 David Bradley Suburban. I am in need of the Belt Guard. Looks as though it is the only thing missing. I thought maybe someone...
  5. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Just wanted to post the pictures of our 1959 bolens ride a matic. We got it finished and ready for the show season. Still whating for time to put the decals on. Just wanted to send a big thank you out to all who helped with questions on this project. Mr Hank Watkins ( the old bolens guy) for his...
1-5 of 5 Results