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  1. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I currently live in Michigan and dabble with some farming part-time when I'm not working in IT. I grew up on a large farm in Central Illinois. I still get down there every year in October to run a combine for a week or so. It brings me back to my roots. I bought a beat-up John Deere...
  2. Attachments
    I am looking for a good condition Model 43 Blade in Atlantic Canada. Let me know what you have!
  3. 210

  4. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Since the hood on my 312 is pretty rough I considered purchasing a new one or finding a replacement and wanted to see what would work. According to the same hood was used on all of the 200 series and the closed frame 300 series tractors. The Deere part number is AM36454 which is no...
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
  6. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hello GT Talk members! I'm new here but I hope to fit right in! :) I have a couple questions about motors in these old JD's, I have a 210, and a 214 parts tractor at the moment, along with a 317 that's doing just fine. I wanted to try and put the 14hp Kohler from the 214 into the 210 as the...
  7. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I've got a 1984 210 and am trying to get the front lift installed. Problem I'm having is the top pin (that connects the arm & pivot) appears to be 13/32". Or at least a 3/8" pin is way too small and there's no way a 7/16" pin will fit. It doesn't look like a 3/8" that has worn out (it's looks...
  8. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hauled a load of Junk lawn mowers to a friend to part out. When we got them Unloaded, He hooked the chain on a 210 John Deere that has been sitting out back the last couple years and pulled it to my trailer and sent it home with me.
1-8 of 8 Results