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  1. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    How long is the deck belt on a rear discharge 36" cut 308-8? I am unable to get a model number due to a faded sticker. They could have put it somewhere better like under the seat or hood. I was told 77.3" x 1/2. I shreaded mine yesterday and it was to tore up to get a length. Thx!
  2. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    I have an 80's Wheel Horse 308-8 that I recently purchased and the belt that runs to the front of the mower that powers the deck.....that belt came off and its one belt and four pulleys. I have no clue about this mower and will learn how to work on it. I bought this off of a woman whose...
1-2 of 2 Results