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  1. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    I mounted the 3point hardware and cylinder today. The factory lines that came with it just don't seem to line up with my tractor. Do the lines run from the valve toward the back, then go through the round hole in the fender pan? That seems to be the way the steel lines are bent but the rubber...
  2. Tractors
    looking to get rid of the case 444 I got in a trade this spring. it runs very very well and the 3pt hitch and lift work well. very nice, almost new ag tires (both plugged both hold air perfect). the tractor is missing the trans cooler that mounts right behind the grill, and the seat. make an...
  3. Attachments
    I have a freshly rebuilt and unused mower deck for my 444. I rebuilt the critter last summer and then put a loader on my tractor. I have a 220 with a good mower and no use for this one. I am interested in selling, or trading the mower deck for a 3-point hitch or a Cab to fit on my Case 444.
1-3 of 3 Results