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  1. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    I've noticed that some of the older Case 446 have different types of exhaust. One version they cut the hood and have the exhaust come out the side in the other version they don't cut the hood and the exhaust appears "normal". Why did they do this? Was this an option? Here are some pictures...
  2. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Can't have more so time to sell one.
  3. Tractors
    ive decided to sell the case 446 I picked up a couple weeks ago. tractor runs and plows well. located in eastern PA make me an offer I don't want to keep it for to long.
  4. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    From Time to time we all stumble on that "DEAL' on craigslist...this one was mine $250
  5. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    Here you guys go...Jack and I made this heat shield for Nolan's 446 ...
  6. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    I was told that these were both 446's. 1 with engine/no deck ,hood, or grill and # 2 No engine but had deck, hood and grill. My thinking was perhaps build 1 from the pair. NOW it seems #1 is a '72 442 with the K301 12hp Kohler, Not the Onan, but it appears hyd components, pulleys etc are...
1-6 of 6 Results