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  1. MTD Tractor Forum
    I have this tiller that came with my 1970 MTD 960. I finally figured out that it has to be adjusted so that the input shaft of the tiller is parallel with the output shaft of the PTO when it is at tilling depth and to turn it off before lifting it. Otherwise it shakes really bad. Still, I would...
  2. MTD Tractor Forum
    Are the 3 point hitch parts interchangeable between the 960 and 990? Manuals show that the draft bar connects differently between the two models, but the parts look the same. The 960 looks like it attaches to be bottom of rear frame plate assembly, while the 990 attaches to the rear axle...
  3. LiL Hustler pulling tractor

    Finishing up my first pulling tractor for the Grandkids.
  4. Tractors
    Selling my MTD 990 approx. 1973 (16 hp) I have a front mount snowblower that can go with it. GT runs good, I haven't tried the blower. Also selling my 1972 Viking Imperial 16 hp made by MTD, it runs well. Need to make room in the shop. 990 = $650...OBO Viking = $ 400...OBO I have the tires...
  5. Parts
    i am in need of a lift cylinder for an 1886. the one i have the pin is stuck into the housing and will not come out.
1-7 of 7 Results