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  1. Tool Shed
    air compressor question. If I have two compressors which are identical; except one has a 2 horse motor and the other has a 3 horse motor, what will be the difference in performance? I bought another compressor (22gal, 3hp, 220/115V) that almost has too much draw for my circuit. I have an extra...
  2. Tool Shed
    Some will remember the air compressor thread that went on way too long from a couple years ago and while I could have resurrected it, I thought it would be better just to post a new thread with some new questions now that I am able to put it to good use. Since getting the air compressor...
  3. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    I occasionally visit this monthly freight salvage auction-Stopped in today looking for some hydraulic parts and---- No matter the 460VAC 3 phase and the physically damaged parts, I have lots of compressor stuff at home and I like the Ingersoll twin pumps. At $175, I'm the proud PAPA of this 5HP...
1-3 of 3 Results