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  1. Garden Tractor Forum
    Can this be used with an Ariens GT? What speed did the Snapper PTO run? I think the Ariens turns 1000 rpm?
  2. Attachments
    Still in the Ariens box, but does have light surface rust on the bare metal parts. Not too shabby thought, always stored in storage trailer or barn. I am looking to trade for a working 42" tiller that will be a direct fit for my 3-point hitch and rear PTO on my Ariens GT 17. f your tiller is...
  3. Ariens Tractor Forum
    My Ariens GT 18 Magnum engine runs great when I am cutting lawn, but after it gets hot, it will shut off. I ran it all winter and it ran fine. This spring it ran fine also, but now its getting warmer, and the engine seems to be running hot and it shuts off by itself. When it cools down, it...
1-3 of 3 Results