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  1. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hi all.. i'm buying a Ariens YT12 hydro. But there is no mower deck on it. And i really want to be able to mow my lawn with it.. does anybody here know which mower decks from other brands fit? If so, which ones?? Does not matter if its from a much newer model or different make.
  2. Ariens Tractor Forum
    I've seen this on my search but were not answered or were confusing. My Ariens manual shows both Husqvarna and Ariens part numbers for a part, with Husqvarna #'s listed first. i.e. I need an Ariens Draglink for my tractor, the manual shows "MFG No." 5321947-41 and "Ariens Part No." 21546338...
  3. For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Time to move some of my collection, This unit runs good, has power steering, front and rear pto, rear 3pt. hitch. good tires. Buy will have choice of rear tiller, front snow blower, mower deck. rear pto powered grass catcher, not included price.
  4. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hello all. The GT20 was loaded and sent on its way with the new owners on Saturday. I made a deal where I kept the complete front mount 540 PTO assembly. When I say assembly, I mean every part of this NOS option. I also have several other spare parts, including a partially complete Haban Mower...
  5. Tractors
    I have this rear engine Ariens riding mower I am deciding to let go, and is for parts or repair. Not sure of the year but I believe it is from the 1980's and is a SRM626 model, I put the model number into a google search and this is what it came up with...
  6. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello, I am searching for an Ariens Trans-A-Matic parts tractor close to Knox County, Tennessee if possible. I have a running David Bradley 725 w/deck, a running Wheel Horse 308-8 w/deck, a Colt 2310 w/deck, Gravely L8 with rotatory plow, rototiller, w/estate sulky, and of course cash.
  7. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hi people, I'm new to GTtalk and recently obsessed with tractors (especially now that I have use for one) So I'm thinking about purchasing/looking at an Ariens s-16h with a tiller for $600 is this a decent price? I spoke to him and this is what he said...I still have it. It was parked running...
  8. Member Introductions
    Hi all, Quick intro, live in france on old farm with only 3/4 acres. Been here since 07 having left uk to retire -huh-. In my stable are 4 ride on mowers -1.5 of which work, Ariens and Westwood GT's, various rotavators lots of dead brush cutters the survivor being a Stihl as with chain saws...
  9. Garden Tractor Forum
    One of my married daughters is looking for a riding mower to take care of her yard. She need something basic and dependable. I'd like her to find an oldie but goodie John Deere or Cub Cadet, etc. but her budget won't allow for that, and I can't help her much for a while with maintaining it or...
  10. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
  11. Ariens Tractor Forum
    I'm thinking of picking up a GT19. Currently have a GT16.other than 16 vs 19 hp are they pretty much identical and interchangeable parts wise?
  12. Parts
    NOS Tecumseh short block model #SBV-167A, Serial #9346-14758. The crankshaft dimensions are: - 7/8" outside diameter, extends 2" length below seal boss, - 3/16' square key slot entire length, - 5/32" woodruff key slot, - tapped 3/8x24 UNF. This style of Tecumseh blocks were used on many...
  13. Ariens Tractor Forum
    1969 Ariens brochure. Hey everyone, I have had an Ariens snowblower webpage for many years, and just today I added a new section to it, about the Ariens Manorway lawn tractors of 1969 - 1973. I dont own a Manorway, but I have been interested in them for years, and I have been collecting...
  14. Parts
    Gentlemen, I am putting a Kubota 3 Cyl diesel in my Sears SS15 and I need a shaft driven hydro rear transaxle. It need to be complete and in working order. Something from a JD 318, 322, 400, 430; MF 1855, Ariens 20, Cub Cadet 123 and similar on will work. I am in the high desert of...
  15. Ariens Tractor Forum
    New member here, thought I'd show off my father's '60 Ariens Imperial. He bought it new in 1960 at the age of 14 so he could do more mowing jobs. It had it's first rebuild in '75 (I think) and the second in approx '92-'93. It's not the original engine anymore, but he tried to keep things looking...
  16. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hello everybody, just picked up a little old 1232 rear engine rider in really nice shape from Craigslist. The PO had bought it during the mowing season knowing it wasn't running and found various wires disconnected. He tinkered with it but couldn't get a spark though. I was able to start it...
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    out for a little rip! Love this machine
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  19. Ariens Tractor Forum
    I need a fuel gauge for a YT11. The original part number was 035076. The inside of the threads seems to be 1 1/2 or 1 9/16. The total length is 9 inches. Anybody know who sells a replacement and which part number it is? Thanks from SoCal
  20. Ariens Tractor Forum
    I just got this Trac team set today. It came with 24" snowblower, 24" mower deck and a leaf shredder. One owner, moved into a retirement home and had no use for it. It was repowered a few years ago with a eight horse Tecumseh with electric start added.
1-20 of 46 Results