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  1. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    Hi Everyone. I am attempting to install my mower deck and I am running into a few issues, hopefully, someone here can help. Just to note, because im sure these issues will seem minor league to some or most of you, I am not that much of a mechanic at all lol so I have owned this machine since...
  2. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    The B110 & B112 had a radio attachment that replaced the default hood wedge. I remember seeing 1 picture of the radio last year around this time. I have spent most of today looking for that image but to no luck. Does anyone have pictures / info of the radio? SimpleTractors only shows this image
  3. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    Hi Everyone. I have a 1968 Allis Chalmers B-112. I am in the process of restoring this tractor, however it is in use now and runs great. Has saved my but this year with the 3 feet of snow we just got here in NY over the last week. I am looking for a list of things i will post here. If anyone has...
  4. Tilling & Plowing
    The Neighborhood Orchard owners have always been neighbors and friends. This spring, they decided to put in 250 fresh blueberry plants. They came in yesterday and we decided to till the ground this evening. There were 6 rows, each 250' long. The Allis was working ground that had only been...
  5. Archives
    Just came across this http://newlondon.cra...3344156516.html . It seems very high to me.
1-5 of 5 Results