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  1. Cub Cadet Tractor Forum
    I had an amazing day with my son today. We drove to Camas Washington to get a Cub 123 and also ended up with a Bolen 1050 and a Simplicity(?) plow. The round trip was a little under 400 miles and the sky was blue and sunny for the first time in a while. We took lots of picture to show people...
  2. Bolens Tractor Forum
    What would be a good price for a Bolen HT20 with back blade, plow, snow blower, tiller, deck, wheel weights, and chains? I know this might be dependent on location but tell me what you think. Here is what she looks like. It has been stored inside most of its life.
  3. Snow Removal Forum
    Hi - I have a very old (1970s ?) snow thrower by Bolen / FMC model 1032. Still runs well with my TLC. Recently lost air in one of the drive wheel tires. Wheel was seized onto the drive shaft and would not budge. As a last resort, I cut the wheel off with a grinder - thinking that it would be...
  4. Bolens Tractor Forum
    hi to all, new member here. this is a great site, i'm glad i found it. i've been looking around and found a lot of information for my bolens and my wheel hosre's. my problem is the idenifacation tag is not readable. i was wondering if someone could help me with the model no.i believe it's a...
  5. Parts
    Hey. Back to working on some Bolens stuff again. This may be a shoot in the dark, but does anyone have a dump bed for a M456-01 dump cart laying around and also the seat bracket. Just picked this cart up at Dover Pa show. Now its time to put it to use and bed is badly messd up and seat is...
  6. Parts
    Looking for one of the Yanmar or Yanmar clone 6hp air cooled diesels. Got one laying around for a project that never happened? I have a use for it. Thanks Mike
  7. Tractors
    Hey. Time to thin the herd. Everyone needs a new winter project. I have 2 complete Bolens power hoes and a parts one and other misc. parts. These need to go. If interested give a yell. I will not part out the 2 complete units but will consider the parts one as a donor for parts. The one with...
  8. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello. Just got another one of my bolens power hoes running. This one took some wrenching. It has been setting out back of the shop for 2 years due to a bad carb on a Clinton. I dug it out and began my search for a carb. Had 3 to choose from. Picked the best two first. Took completely apart and...
  9. Tractors
    Looking for handle and clutch grips for a Bolens Power hoe model 12bb01 Part numbers are 180885 for handle and 180886 for levers Thanks
1-11 of 11 Results