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case 448
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    Man I really im banging my head against the wall with this tractor and could use some guidance. My grandfather gave me his old Case 448 18HP Onan garden tractor as I thought it would be a great fixer upper. So far I replaced the following... - New Battery - New Plugs, coil and spark plug wires...
  2. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    Hello, All. Thanks in part to help from people on this site, my wife and I just purchased a 1983 CASE 448 with a plow, mowing deck and MuleDrive. This is, we understand, the beginning of a long love affair with these machines. We've had it less than 24 hours, and we already adore it. Of course...
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    We just moved to Maine, and we are looking for a tractor. What do we need/want? We need a tractor for general yardwork now (cleaning up leaves, moving brush, hauling debris, etc.), for snow removal this winter and for mowing 2+ acres come next summer. We have narrowed our choices down to the...
1-3 of 3 Results