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  1. Power Equipment Forum
    Hello there, I don't have much experience working on chainsaws and was wondering if a standard spark plug style spark tester would work in shecking for spark? This saw is only a season old and has been taken care of extremely well. It will not run this season not even a sputter, I am assuming...
  2. Power Equipment Forum
    Bought a Stihl 044 a few days ago and it cut great until I added chain oil and adjusted the. Carb due to low idle. Now the pull start is extremely tight, but will start with great effort. Still cuts fantastic, but is terrible to start. Pulled the exhaust and muffler and all looks great. It will...
  3. Power Equipment Forum
    About 15 years ago, the first Stihl saw came onto the farm, a Pro series 036. Significant improvement over the poulan Dad had bought. Better saw, better safety, it's been worked hard but cared for. This year, with Ryan and KK helping with the wood, Dad felt it was time to bring another Stihl...
  4. Power Equipment Forum
    I had the chainsaw out today taking down a dead tree for my neighbor next door. While it initially ran well, it began to acted starved for fuel, but would restart after it died. Opening and resealing the fuel cap didn't correct the issue. It almost seemed that position was key at first, as it...
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds Located in Minneapolis, MN There is also a factory hedge clipper in a separate auction.
1-6 of 6 Results