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  1. Parts
    I'm looking for a handle grip for a Choremaster walk behind, similar to the one pictured. Thanks.
  2. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I saved these 3 from scrap a few days ago. They are all 3 already sold pending pick up. The 2 Choremasters are very rough with locked engines but lots of potential. The Wards Hoe Trac I drug in for the reel mower that will fit my model F Simplicity.
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    Spent the last several days working on momma's butt buggy. She has been helping quite a bit too! Thanks to our good friend Lane Ralph, a few modifications and our butt buggy is almost "show ready"!
  4. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I am needing some help on a Choremaster model "B". The manual in our manual's section is too blurred to read, and I would like someone to help me out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tractors
    I saved this from possibly being scraped, but do not have the room to give it a home. I need all the room I have for my Rototiller collection. Choremaster with incorrect B&S 2 1/4 hp engine. Engine is not stuck. Here is the info on the engine: Model 60331, Type 942053, code 5909250. Three...
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  7. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I am looking for info on an Engine that came with a choremaster that I recently purchased. It is a Lauson or maybe Lawson engine. Probably 1 1/2 to 3 hp Engine. It needs a lot of tlc to get running again.
1-7 of 7 Results