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  1. Attachments
    I am trying to finish my David Bradley Seeder (no fertilizer) attachment. I am missing the 6T/12T (17018) and 6T (#17081) idler sprockets. Since I don't have the fertilizer, I don't need the 6T sprocket and can replace it with a bushing. Let me know if you have a reliable source for either or...
  2. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    David Bradley two wheel equipment cart from about 1949 or 1950. Rusted tub but frame, wheels and axle seem solid. Decent fenders. Has Serial/model plate but it’s a little hard to read. Located in south central pa. I am talking with one interested buyer. Welcome your thoughts and comments on...
  3. Parts
    Original engine drive pulley from serial #2586. Rusted but no damage. Set screw and key included. $150 shipped to your door.
  4. Parts
    Can use either the for David Bradley version with 5/8" crankshaft or the Continental engine 3/4". Thanks!
  5. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello, I am searching for an Ariens Trans-A-Matic parts tractor close to Knox County, Tennessee if possible. I have a running David Bradley 725 w/deck, a running Wheel Horse 308-8 w/deck, a Colt 2310 w/deck, Gravely L8 with rotatory plow, rototiller, w/estate sulky, and of course cash.
  6. Tractors
    I acquired these three "tractors" years ago when I thought I would actually use a garden tractor in our garden. Turns out a tiller and hoe worked better so it's past time to pass these machines on. From what little I have seen, the larger one is a Simplicity but I don't know what model. It comes...
  7. Tractors
    For Sale is a David Bradley Suburban Tractor. Model Number 91760617, Serial Number 9431. Appears to be original. A Barn Find. Rear tires appear to be original. Front tires are rotted. The B&S engine is not stuck. Includes 43 inch mower deck not shown. $650.00. See photos. Thanks
  8. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    I have an early 60s David Bradley suburban round hood (don't know exactly, the tag is too worn). Does anyone know the dimensions of the small belt tensioner pulley that bolts to the frame? Mine is missing and I am trying to find a replacement. Also I need belt sizes, everywhere I look people say...
  9. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Did a little work on my David Bradley the last couple of days. I swapped out the engine mounting plate for the newer style. Also hooked up the freshly restored snow plow for the winter. Next up is new tires for this gal, but I’m hoping to get through the winter with them.
  10. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I happened to find this David Bradley/Sears planter in a local spot yesterday. It seems that the main planter mechanism is missing from it, and the hopper is bent out of position. As I've not seen a DB planter before, how common are they, and what are the chances of finding parts to complete...
  11. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello! Have some items to try and ID so I can put them up for sale here in northern Michigan. The DB garden plow is the only thing with a tag. Do you folks recognize any of the rest? Are these all for walk behind's? I can add dimensions for any that need them. Thanks, Paul
  12. Garden Tractor Implement Forum
    Hi. A couple of years ago I bought a 3 point planter for my Sears Suburban with the idea of planting corn with it. I had previously used an earthway but was not happy with seed spacing or placement and had gone back to planting by hand. The planter came with only one plate, which according to...
  13. Attachments
    i have a db suburban with a locked up motor no deck wanting to sale or trade im looking for attachments for wheel horse gt-14 or a cub cadet 70 if interested with your email address I will email the pictures to you I don't know anything about this brand or what its worth thank you
  14. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    When driving on Rte. 30 thru Shabbona, Il., on the west side of town there is a antique (junk) store that has a David Bradley walk behind hood outside. :thumbs: Your welcome!!!
  15. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    I have been searching high and low for a few years but I finally was able to find a 61 DB suburban. A guy had it setting in the woods so for $200 I got the tractor, two disc plows (1 x DB, 1 Sears), one DB spade plow and some other misc. plow accessories. It looks rough but everything turns...
  16. Parts
    I'm looking for a briggs intake like this. The part # is 210534 and may be cast into it. I'll be mounting it on a 3 H.P. engine for my David Bradley walk behind tractor. Notice that this mounts to the top of the carb. rather than the side like the older models.
  17. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    I have this 1959 David Bradley tractor. I am trying to find another picture of this decal that is on the belt cover on the right side. It describes what to do about adjusting the clutch. I want to get this decal reproduced but I can't because of the missing info. Thank for any help Tim
  18. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    I recently picked up a 65 Suburban 8, Im having a hard time getting it in gear. I adjust the shift plate according to the manual but its a bear to get into reverse since this is my first DB sears any advice on the adjusting the shifter,clutch,speed control would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello everyone, new here from Houston area. I'm seeking out a David Bradley for garden work, and came across this Model #91757599 that has a 10hp B&S mounted to it. My question for you guys, is this overkill? It seems like it would be too much for a walk behind. Jake Houston, TX
1-20 of 50 Results