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  1. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    I purchased a Simplicity 7790 diesel at auction. This mower tractor has set out in the weather for some time. The engine turns over, all the fuel lines are rotten and need replaced. Where can I purchase parts? Thanks Doug
  2. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    hey all, just making a thread to post updates on my swap, i got a free kubota generator that had a z482, this isnt my first z482, my other one was in a fire and i never got it running, but this one does and its getting swapped into my massey 1200
  3. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Hello all, new to the forums. I was given a yanmar tk2.49 out of an old thermoking heater trailer, and wondering if anyone has installed one on a 300series jd? I have a 314 that I got as a project that has a bad Kohler in it and want to do a swap. Any and all advice would help.
  4. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Folks, I have a JD 990 with about 1000 hours on it. Diesel. It started blowing what I would have called white smoke. I did an oil change and ran through all the fuel filters. Replaced all and filled with treated fuel. Problem persists. Cant figure this one out. The smoke is definitely not...
  5. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey, has anyone dealt with a Ford 1700 or Shibaura 2 cylinder diesel engine replacement? Is there another engine with the same bellhousing bolt pattern and flywheel diameter that I might replace the Shibaura engine with? I wouldn't even care if it were gas. If you could help, thanks a lot.
  6. Tractors
    I have a rare but rarely used Ariens GT18 Diesel, yes Diesel. There were only 170 of these tractors made and I have no idea how many are in the condition this one is in. 350 hours on this near pristine tractor. Tractor has 3 pto areas, front middle and rear as well as a 3 point hitch, power...
  7. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Hey all new to the forum, thought i would share the pulling tractor me and a buddy built we started with a beat up Massey 7 from the local junk yard, and tried using a 6.5hp genrac gas motor which i blew up at the first pull, so we dropped in a 10hp yanmar clone diesel engine . After removing...
  8. Tractors
    Up for sale is my Diesel Kubota G4200. Shows 993 hours, starts right up, runs great! Manual 3 speed trans with reverse, manual lift. It's a beast of a machine with tons of pulling power. Has a barely used set of Titan Tru-power AGs on the back, new oversize tires on the front, original rear...
  9. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Not trying to piss Brian off, but I found a rare one. The JD 415, a Yanmar 3 cylinder 15hp engine, rest of the tractor is identical to a 425/445/455.
  10. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Last summer I picked up an Onan RV Genset with a Kubota 3 cyl diesel (662?) in it. The genset runs at 1800 rpm and the engine puts out about 11hp at that rpm, but about 16 hp at 3600 rpm. I bought back my Bolens HT23, only it now has a daylight block (tough old bird still went up on my trailer...
  11. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    New in crate 2009 Ruggerini MD350 air cooled diesel engine. 30 horsepower, 3,000 rpm's.
  12. Tilling & Plowing
    I have a 1987 Ford LGT14D tractor with a rear Tiller on it. I was siphoning out the gear lube in the lateral chain housing and I got a lot of water and thick sludge. (My first time swapping out the lube) I want to pull the cover and clean it all out. I can't seem to find out if it needs a...
  13. John Deere Tractor Forum
    What do you all know about these 3 cylinder diesel engines? I have been gifted one that was running when put in storage in the mid 90's but was replaced because it was overheated. I am thinking about this little engine finding its way into the leftover 312 parts that have not sold. Anyone got...
  14. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hello GTtalk! My story: First off, I'm excited to be apart of this forum! I don't know if he's on here, but Thank you to Josh Deaven for getting me into garden tractors in the first place this past Februrary (2016). He invited me to showcase my business at his Lebanon Valley Classic and Garden...
  15. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Okay, so I've started working on my Bolens HT23 Repower... planning to put a Ruggerini RD200 2 cylinder air-cooled diesel in it. This is the same size block as the Ruggerini RD180 used in the Ariens GT18, though the Ariens runs the drive shaft off the fan side of the engine (like a Cub Cadet...
  16. Tractors
    Unfortunately, the time has come for me to offer up my prize JD400. I have several threads relating to the build. I have added some attachments to the tractor I\'m taking offers, but nothing less than $3,000 I do have a parts engine I can throw in if we settle on a price. It went from this...
  17. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Hi I thought I would upload my progress on fixing the Model: 1948 Snowblower I picked up for my Iseki made G154. It was sitting outside in the dirt for at least 15 years before I got it. It was surprising to see that the gearbox and auger were still free! The best part was I basically got the...
  18. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Came across a possibly good deal on a Ford 1210 diesel with a finish mower for $2400. As a Case guy I know nothing about what Fords are good or bad. I do know the front pinion is bad on this one so it's basically a 2WD rig until repairs are made. Looks like a Kubota to me so I assume parts are...
  19. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
1-20 of 45 Results