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  1. Garden Tractor Forum
    am new here and with a move coming up in June I will be pretty busy. I recently closed on a small farm here in Central jersey and spent the weekend cleaning out the garage which was originally a pig barn. This lil barn was crammed with goodies and I am asking about this one item, an Eshelman 3...
  2. Custom Tractor Forum
    Hello I am new to the Forum and wanted to share a current restoration that I am doing with some friends of mine. The tractor is a 1954 Eshelman Garden Tractor that my friends grandfather customized with spare parts that he found/made. We are not sure if he purchased it new and had an accident...
  3. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello everyone I have an Eshelman three wheel rider that I recently purchased,.I have seen pictures of other ones on the internet but would like some close up views.They came with either a Wisconsin or Clinton engine,to my knowlage.If anyone out there has one I would like to see pictures Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results