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  1. Parts
    Looking for replacement spool caps for the hydraulic valve on a Massey / Snapper 1650. Either that or the entire valve itself if the price is right. Looking for both caps. Also looking for a used cooling fan for the transmission. I've been going over my recent purchase of a 1650, and noticed...
  2. Parts
    I am in need of one of these parts. Completely aluminum. Starter generator belt goes on this for electric start models and rope pull for manual start models. Goes on a 12hp Briggs engine(1969) engine.
  3. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I took off the fender pan to the JD317 I bought up in Idaho a few weeks ago and discovered that the fan is broken in half. Half of it is still attached to the shaft, and the other half was lying in a bunch of hardened crud in the fan shroud. How do you replace the fan on these machines? This...
1-3 of 3 Results