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  1. Farm King 990A and Box Blade

    Just bought a new 48" Land Pride BB1248 box blade for my Farm King/MTD 990A. Weighs in at 316lbs and I had to buy cat 1->0 hitch pins from Agri Supply to use it. The tractor lifts it with no problem. I just rebuilt the hyd cylinder, so that probably helps. I don't think I would go any heavier. If
  2. MTD Tractor Forum
    Thinking about getting a Dayton tractor no clue as to year guy is slow with email tag still waiting on a pic to identify Betting I can get an answer here quicker Model number is 3Z935 its a 16 horse engine brand unknown geared Wanting year and pic if possible Ive been searching the net...
  3. MTD Tractor Forum
    This is a post from MTF. I thought there might be some interest here. I ordered the first production 3pt hitch from On Point Welding & Fabrication. He is giving this a try to see if there is any interest in this type of product. This is a preliminary release of the hitch. Other brands of...
1-3 of 3 Results