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    Wow that's a great job you and your grandson did on the Roper
  2. Member's Featured Tractors
    I would like to nominate boyscout862's, 1969, mtd12 as described here Sweet tractor and a great story imo, good luck My MTD 1200 (boyscout862) I changed my mind after awhile and emailed the...
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    Vote for Featured Tractor May 2015David Bradley Electric - petrj64556.96%Massey Ferguson MF12 - propane12531.65%Craftsman 10/36 - cpg911.39%
  4. Member's Featured Tractors
    I can't wait to see this month's tractors. Will probably be a great bunch as always!
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    Vote Featured Tractor March 2015Gravely 5260 - superaben3328.70%Garden All Model S3 - Bob IN65.22%David Bradley - Gtractor2017.39%Standard Twin - morepower3023126.96%Montgomery Wards Walk Behind - MH8165.22%Edko Walking Tractor - lauber110.87%Plow Hoss - crittersf121.74%Handiman Jr. -...
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    Get them tractors nominated. This is one of my favorite months because I like seeing original survivor tractors just as much as restored ones.
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    Get them nominations in. :D
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    Vote now for Featured Tractor for November 2014!Hogzilla - olcowhand1522.06%Pennsylvania Panzer T75 - HANKG1826.47%Allis Chalmers 920 Diesel - mtoney1522.06%Massey Ferguson MF7 - propane168.82%Jacobsen 1200 Super Chief - hamman1420.59%
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    This is sure to be an interesting one.Can't wait to see these entries.
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    Vote now for featured tractor of the month for January 2013Montgomery Wards Garden Mark - egward7986.67%Wheel Horse Christmas Tractors - Hammerhead5646.67%John Deere 140 H3 - BTS108.33%Simplicity 3414S - skunkhome4638.33%
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    Since it's an open month election and anything goes, how about mixing it up a bit, and posting rare items? Maybe post tractors and or equipment, and giving a brief history about the items, as to why it is considered rare? Can be all original in it's natural clothes or restored to showroom...
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    Vote now for featured tractor of the month of November 2012Massey Ferguson MF10 - Bud2527.17%AMF 1010 - LTD1314.13%Gilson 53040 - Thops88.70%Gravely C-8 - HowardsMF15599.78%Bolens H14 - 8tyman888.70%Bolens Power Hoe - Nato771010.87%Suzue Grain Binder - timtractor1920.65%
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    What should I nominate... Caterpillar again mabey??
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    Vote Now for Featured Tractor of the Month for June 2012Bolens Ride A Matic - antiquetractors2517.48%Wheel Horse 401 - JakeKuhn5034.97%White's Ranger 16 - Texas Deere and Horse85.59%Panzer 1107 - 1978Murray42.80%Cub Cadet 123 - LTD85.59%Massey MF12H - IHCubGuy106.99%Tiger 883 -...
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    Greg, good luck, I'm about to update mine with 80% writeup LOL.
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    Featured Tractor Voting May 2012Vote Now for Featured Tractor of the Month for May 2012Craftsman / Caterpillar - wvbuzzmaster116.51%Allis Grader - Michiganmobileman3118.34%Bush Hog JBI Diesel - olcowhand169.47%John Deere 317 Special - grnspot1101710.06%Simplicity 627 Yeoman -...
1-20 of 21 Results