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    And the restoration of that tractor is what made me decide you were joining us here at GTTalk whether I had to bribe you or threaten you. Whatever it took to get ya here.
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    Can i nominate my tractor from last month but i have other things to go with it.
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    Oh man Kenny, I totally missed you picking that one up, didn't know you had it. nice looking.
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    So, who won last month, didn't see that and not changed yet............... :deadhorse: My Bad......see the winner IS posted on home page. Just didn't notice it, as all Bolen's look alike.......winner last month similar. This forum is over-run with B-Guy's, ha!
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    Vote for Featured Tractor January 2016Simplicity Yeoman 637 - 637Yeoman1112.50%Snapper Hydro - glgrumpy1820.45%Ford LGT100 - propane11112.50%Ford LT120 - pick-to-stone44.55%Cub Cadet 122 - thadscub910.23%John Deere 420 - Delmar2022.73%Moto Mower 6020 - Greasy60201517.05%
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    Christmas decorations ALREADY!!!!!, aren't you about 4 months to early???? At least that's the way it seems :oh_shucks: :ah_shoot:
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    Vote for Featured Tractor December 2015Massey Ferguson MF12 - propane11013.70%Jacobsen 1200 Super Chief - hamman79.59%Bolens 1050 Diesel - Diesel105022.74%Bolens HT20 - blackjackjakexxix2939.73%Baird Beaver - M. Cain2230.14%Ford T20 - pick-to-stone34.11%
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    Darn, mine were ugly when I bought them. Oh well.
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    Vote for Featured Tractor October 2015Montgomery Wards Squire - farmerall2534.25%Bolens Mutt Project - fonz348256.85%David Bradley Suburban - CRFarnsworth1621.92%Avco New Idea EGT200 - DH134.11%Wheel Horse C120 - Jimkemp912.33%Ford LGT100 - propane145.48%Cub Cadet 70 - backwoods68.22%John Deere...
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    Nobody else gunna play !!!!!!! Noel
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    Rule one applies to me, so unless I find a loop hole in the rules I expect to see more than four nominations this month. Get them in early guys. Thanks.
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    Vote for Featured Tractor August 2015Massey Ferguson MF12 - propane11820.93%Ford FF/20 - KennyP1719.77%Sears / Roper Hydro - MH813136.05%Simplicity Landlord - mtoney2023.26%
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    I will be entering my 1988 Kubota G6200, but I need a day or two to find the pictures and write up.
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    Vote for Featured Tractor July 2015Kubota G6200 - wvbuzzmaster3037.50%Lawn Boy GT18 - Delmar911.25%Massey Ferguson MF12H - DH12025.00%John Deere 140 H3 - propane12126.25%
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    Vote for Featured Tractor June 2015John Deere 110 - JohnDeere11067.89%Snowflite by MTD - propane122.63%Springfield 36 - Nxt2doc79.21%Bolens 1050 - Alberta Bolens33.95%Bolens 1254 - gardentractornut33.95%Wheel Horse 310-8 grnlark1114.47%Cub Cadet Circus Cub - DB11519.74%Bolens HT23 -...
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    two paragraph description??? well that kills it for me..would take me a week to type that..I am a pecker :dancingbanana:
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    Vote for Featured Tractor April 2015John Deere LT155 - Gabriel21.45%Bolens 1886 - OldBuzzard3928.26%Speedex Model B - David Brown3021.74%Kitty Track 600 - wilberj3827.54%John Deere 140 H3 - M. Cain2115.22%John Deere 110 - M. Cain85.80%
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    Boy oh boy, We should have a ton of entry's this month. :dancingbanana: Can't wait to see everyone's Walk Behind tractors :thumbs:
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    Vote now for Featured Tractor for February 2015!Bolens Estate Keeper - Bolens 10003227.12%Bolens Ridemaster - Bob IN1512.71%Cub Cadet 70 - backwoods54.24%John Deere 165 - tinbender743.39%Wheel Horse RJ58 - fairlead1714.41%Ford LGT 100 - propane11714.41%John Deere 110 -...
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    Decorated for favorite month!
1-20 of 63 Results