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  1. Parts
    Looking for a mule drive for a MF 14/16. Can be any condition as long as it is complete. Please let me know cost and shipping to zip 50054. Ted
  2. Attachments
    WTB a two stage snow blower ; 48" # 18148 for a Bolens Ht23
  3. Parts
    WTB ; Bolens H23 Dash for 1983 Model 2389s Mine is plastic. It has cruise control switch .
  4. Parts
    I'm look for either parts for an Eaton 1100-029 or the whole pump. The tractor is a GTX 20 #13076 and the hyrdo has a friction weld between the Pump Rotor and Pintle assembly. I need the following parts: #1744164 Pump Rotor. I did find this item on Jack's Small engines, but it's not worth...
  5. Tractors
    Hello, Looking for a Kubota G2000 would like it with rear 3-point, will look/listen to all conditions. Thank you in advance. Located in Tulsa,OK. Willing to travel somewhat. Probably surrounding states.
  6. Parts
    It looks like they changed designs/models on my long hood 2418 . Unless you have them side by side it's hard to notice . The axle on mine is about 1/2" longer splines and gear end the same . I'm hoping to find just the axle but if not I'll just swap the complete rear from my parts tractor
  7. Parts
    I need a center spindle asm or spindle shaft for a 42'' 3 blade deck, vintage 1969 or so. Deck id# 421U1113. Spindle shaft/cup asm p/n 489 389 R91. New or good used.
  8. Parts
    B&S model 12H802-2677-B1 vertical shaft Wanted- recoil starter or starter housing (part# 691421, 497440) rope guide must be in good condition
  9. Parts
    As title says. New or good used, Don't want a stack, want an original or one that will fit in the originals space. (Not going on my machine) the original one has 1 end blown out After market (Nelson, Stanley, Donaldson) would work too. Or cross reference info for one of these brands.
  10. Parts
    I’m looking for an original style metal seat pan for a Cub Cadet 149. It does not matter if it has a cover. Please send me a PM if you have one and would be willing to ship it.
  11. Parts
    looking for a used one up to 24hp if anyone runs into one cheap
  12. Attachments
    I am looking for one cast iron ih cub cadet wheel weight, if you have one that you would sell let me know
  13. Parts
    I broke the snap ring splines trying to remove a stuck hub. It was already missing two long splines too. I think Moto-Mower and Porter-Cable may work also. Thanks---DAC
  14. Parts
    I need the right hand side cover, but I would be willing to purchase both the left and right. Part numbers are: 42 inch deck Right side- 11801 Left side- 11802 There is another part, but I have never even seen or come across one. I assume they all rusted away. It's the center belt guard...
  15. Parts
    As title says. Need the base and the cover.
  16. Parts
    Looking for a horizontal shaft opposed twin Briggs for a project. Can be a non runner but no engines with thrown rods. Should be mostly complete. Don't care about HP. Email me at [email protected] NOTE: Setting it to found because I made a nicer ad.
  17. Miscellaneous
    Anyone have a clue who made this, age or ?????? 5 foot X 8 foot Thanks, Tom
  18. Parts
    I'm looking for the seat support for a mid 70's MTD 960, the horseshoe shaped spring steel support that mounts to the tractor with 4 bolts. an Internet search was no help at all. Thanks.
  19. Parts
    Am soon to be the owner of a very nice 1971 John Deere with a hole in the side of the block. Would like to find a salvageable block to build from.
  20. Parts
    In need of the splined shafts for the spindles,,had a seized bearing that never got changed Until now. Need one short one and the long one The 50 series are different, has to be from the 55 series Lmk if you can help Much appreciated
1-20 of 103 Results