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  1. Gardening
    I just finished a book titles Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard. This is a story of a young man just out of college who took over a West Virginia family farm that was failing under a mountain of debt. He tells the story of how he raised free range, grass fed cattle and chickens to develop a...
  2. Gardening
    I have had a big garden for 4 years now. I have pastures around it & am always fightting Texas weeds & invasive grasses. I have an old Edko walking tractor & decided to build a custom made attachment for it to sift the roots, weeds & other debris from my garden. I decided to go big this 2013 &...
  3. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    I, for one, :wave: would like to attend a plow day, in Indiana. Anyone have any ideas? I'm sure this would be of interest to many. :firejumper: "NOTE" The Tipton, Indiana, Antique Threshing Show, has plowing for garden tractors, Large tractors, and horse's. I haven't had my tractor, (PK)...
1-3 of 3 Results