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  1. Gravely Tractor Forum
    FNG here. I'm trying to get my grandfathers Commercial 10A going. I am looking for a carburetor kit for a Walbro, I have two sets of numbers WHG 75 1233 and 47 053 90. Also trying to find tires 5.70x5.00-8. Every place I have called seems to be either out of business or not answering. I really...
  2. Tractors
    I have just found a collection of rear engine Gravely tractors. There is 6-7 complete tractors and decks and a snowplow. I was told all but 2 were running in past 3 years. They have Briggs or Kohler engines. I will get pics and a list of model #'s. I am not sure what they are worth but will...
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    Have Gravley tractor with all the bells and whistles. Only whistle that is not properly working is the two onan engines currently. See pictures. Has PTO attachments needed for the following: Tiller, snow blower, chipper, mower deck. All items except Onan engines in working order. How much...
  4. Gravely Tractor Forum
    This 817 Gravley has all attachments, tiller, chipper, mower deck, snow blade, snow blower, two Onan engines (Not running), extra starters and misc parts, PTO connectors, Manuals. All attachments and transmission work just fine. What is all this worth as is?
1-4 of 4 Results