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  1. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hello, I am new to this whole internet form thing, but what better way to start than talking about garden tractors. The reason for my post today is to see if anyone has any insight about what a guy can do to outfit his new used beast of a Jacobsen GT16 with a snowblower. From what I have found...
  2. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I have an unknown year Sears GT18. I knew the year once but lost that info. It has a factory front end loader and rear 3 point grader/ripper box. I bought this machine over a year ago while i was searching for a small bobcat. I had always wanted a garden tractor with a loader and couldnt pass up...
  3. Jacobsen GT10

    Nice to have one all painted up! Would like to trade for a GT16 or a LGT 165. Have any?
  4. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hello Everyone, I have been doing research for an older heavy duty tracter and found this very informative forum. Tired of buying lawn tractors every 6 years. Had my fill of craftsman and husqvarnas. I have to mow a little over 3 acres and plow about 2k feet of driveway and paths in the winter...
  5. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hi, I recently picked up a Sears Gt16. The model number is 502.257043. I've talked to my local Sears store and searched long and hard on the internet, yet I still couldn't find a owners manual. It has a Briggs and Stratton 2 cyl. , 16hp vertical drive motor with a 4spd. gearbox with reverse...
  6. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Hey Everyone. I am new around here and have a question about my GT16 with the K341 engine. In its current state it starts nice and runs good, but smokes and is burning oil like crazy. An overhaul is in its near future. It has been overhauled once in its life but do not know exactly what was...
1-6 of 6 Results