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    Hello, I am looking for a cultivator, complete or parts to fit my large Sears Handiman walk behind tractor. I believe a 1937, 38 39 40 or 41 should work with my Handiman. Hoping to find one in the north east. New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, all of New England. The attached photo is for reference...
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    I promised my wife a while ago that I would not add any more tractors to my collection, mainly due to limited space to store more and at that time, time to work on them. For the past several years I have kept that promise. However, an opportunity was presented to me recently for two more walk...
  3. IMG 5881

    1936-37 Sears Handiman Tractor 32"steel wheels 10"Plow
  4. 2012 03 06 11 22 21 268

    Primer on the Handiman Tractor
  5. 1333407222 picsay

    Handiman Tractor 32"steel wheels
1-5 of 5 Results