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  1. 0526121506~2

    Before I started the engine swap.
  2. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    Ever since using the Bush Hog HD-12 to mow the back corner bank behind the garage with the pull behind brush mower and not being able to steer I wanted to add weight to the front. It takes too much time to try and mow the hill one direction going downhill to be able to steer due to having to go...
  3. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    I had got to talking to Daniel down at the Ball Hollow Plow Day about how the foot / hand hydro control lever never wanted to stay in place on my Bush Hog HD-12. Daniel said there is a set screw on the lever to adjust tension against a piece of clutch type material. This has been in my mind...
  4. Garden Tractor Forum
    We have a 1966 Bolens 1050 with 42" mower deck. Service guy removed the deck and we cannot get it back on correctly; it will not raise up at all and is dragging on the ground. Tractor has a hydraulic lift assist. What are we doing wrong!!?? Hubby has worked on it now for 2 days, no luck. Any...
  5. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    I forgot I had taken this pic at the Olde Tyme Days show last weekend. It is the first time I was able to get a group photo together of all three of my Bush Hogs. It is the HD-12, D4-10 and the D4-7. Hopefully I will be able to add some brothers and sisters before too long.
  6. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    The engine swap is pretty much complete now. Only have to run a new choke cable yet. The engine runs great especially with the governor gear in position like it should be. I think it may be a little rich on the low side yet as once you increase the throttle just above idle it sounds like it is...
  7. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    Well after finally getting a chance to really put the Bush Hog HD-12 to some hard labor I was able to see how it would do. Overall it does great and I like running it. It does a great job plowing as long as I don't lay in to the hydro pedal too far. When I first noticed it was when we did the...
  8. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    I started working on the Bush Hog HD-12 today. Technically I started a couple of days ago but didn't do much other then remove the carb. Today I took the hood off and the top support bars. Then I unbolted the engine and dad and I set the engine up on the work bench. I don't think the engine has...
  9. Bush Hog Tractor Forum
    I gotta thank Josh for pointing me to this and the good thing is the guy has a few of them in stock. I picked one up to go along with my HD-12 that will be coming home to daddy here soon. Here is the link:
1-13 of 13 Results