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  1. Sears
    Good morning and Merry Christmas! My dad inherited a homelite t-16 tractor from my grandfather. It's in great condition but he's looking for the snowblower and rototiller attachments. After doing a quick Google search I landed here. We're not really sure where to start so we figured this would...
  2. Parts
    Looking for a good set of double pulleys for the 48-M Homelite center quill mower deck. Believe the AC / Simplicity will fit as well. Thanks.
  3. Attachments
    Taking a shot in the dark to see if anyone may have a set of weights for the old Bready made Homelite 4-wheel tractors. I have attached a pic to show the design. Thanks!!!
  4. Garden Tractor Forum
    I just picked up a Homelite t-8 with a 1600279 deck... and i need new blades. A google search turned up nothing. Can someone tell me what blades it uses and where I might find replacements? (there are 3 blades) Also, does anyone know what snowblades fit this model? Is there any crossover with...
  5. Garden Tractor Forum
    Many years ago my father purchased this Homelite ut34004A garden tractor with tiller implement from a close friend who was a farmer. My dad only ever used the tiller a couple times a year. Its been in storage for close to 5 years now and has been given to me. I went to use the tiller on my...
  6. Power Equipment Forum
    Have a few wind blowns and widow makers from those gale force winds last month usually junk quaking aspen is the mark but I had a some decent sized maples get tangled up, half over,or tops snapped and hung up, so I've been working my way thru them. The aspen I usually fall and the neighbor comes...
  7. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    Now that my T-16 project is running good, I want to start getting her ready to plow snow. I have a set of chains on the way, but have yet to do anything with fluids. I had planned on changing the motor oil to a 10w-30, but had someone tell me it is better to just keep the 30 weight i have in...
  8. Garden Tractor Forum
    Looking for suggestions/help with my homelite t-16 that I cannot get to run right. It was not running when I acquired it, I replaced the coil and plug and got it running. Installed a carb rebuild kit and it ran a little better, but had trouble getting the high speed right. this weekend I cleaned...
  9. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    Hi everybody, here's my first post. I'm new to the site, and the garden tractor world as well. I just recently obtained my first garden tractor and have since began bringing it back to life. It is an early 70's (I think 1973) homelite T16, shuttle shift with a 16 horse briggs and stratton. I'm...
  10. Parts
    i have A T-13 that needs a new carb...any leads?
  11. Homelite T-16

  12. Homelite T-16

  13. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    At coffee the other day one of the guys took me out and showed me this AC built T-16. I brushed the dust off part of the hood and the paint looks like it has been kept inside. The word is that it is well cared for and was running some time ago. There is also a rototiller and a single shank...
  14. Homelite T-16

  15. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    I just acquired my fathers Homelite T-16H tractor with a tiller and blade. Does anyone else on here own one? Where can I get parts, and are implements available? Thanks Bill
  16. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    My Dad gave me a Allis made Homelite T16 that belonged to my Grandfather who had the engine rebuilt and tractor repainted many years ago. All together the tractor is in good shape. I am in the process of completing what he started and could use a little help. I have swapped out the old points...
  17. Off Topic
    on a few of our GTs. Can't show pics because camera is down right now. I picked up a Agri-Fab 48" York rake a couple of years ago and had to fab a hitch for our Sears Custom 10 XL ( Charlie) to use it. The more I use the rake I really like it and I get the hang of how to use it properly. I...
  18. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    I think that there was a thread about a T15 last week. This popped up in my area. CL >eastern CT >all for sale / wanted >farm & garden - by owner - - - reply ✉ ☎reply x flag Posted: 17 hours ago homelite t15 with snowblower! - $800...
1-20 of 24 Results