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  1. Off Topic
    I went out yard saling today and found a frozen food cookbook. It dates to 1951 and has the IH symbol on the front and inside cover. Thought it was an interesting find from an era when people worked a lot harder at saving their food for the winter.
  2. Cub Cadet 122

    1966 Cub Cadet 122 plowing snow
  3. Tractors
    Well one of them has to go... I'm posting this and my JD up for sale and whichever goes first, goes. I have a 1985 Cub 682 Mower / Garden Tractor. Engine is a Kohler KT17 Series 2, it starts and runs great. Comes with a 44C mower deck. The only item on this that you might want to replace is the...
  4. Compact Utility and Farm Tractor Forum
    Dad called me yesterday and said he found us a loader-backhoe about 20 miles from home. I haven't seen it yet, but Dad has ran it and it needs a little work. It is going to need a clutch, as it is very weak and slipping. It's actually a International 2412B Diesel with shuttle shift, 58HP, D-179...
1-4 of 4 Results