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  1. MTD Tractor Forum
    I want to service the hydro in my JcPenny MTD 990. The manual say to us Fram PH16 filter and 20 Weight oil with added zinc. I was going to use a NAPA/WIX filter instead but I'm unsure about the oil. I looked around and straight 20W oil with zinc doesn't show up. That leaves me with 2...
  2. MTD Tractor Forum
    I drove 30 mins away to pick this up today. The engine starts right up runs great with no smoke. The left front tire will need a tube so it can hold air. The head light switch is broken and the deck spindles make a lot of noise. It's missing the 3 point lift arms and the seat is toast but...
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    Found this cool old tractor dirt cheap on Craigslist waiting for a response from him. how rare are these JC brand MTD tractors? what's out there for attachments, He has 4 attachments i can buy off him for an extra $150 for a total of $450 with the tractor i was told you can get a loader for...
1-3 of 3 Results