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  1. John Deere Tractor Forum
    A guy wants me to trade him my JD420 for his JD330 plus some cash... I'm tempted as this would finally put me in the Black Smoke Owner's Group, but I'm unfamiliar with the 330 and not sure it would be good to trade off my 420, even if it's a good deal. My 420 has a FEL (what the guy really...
  2. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Well, I finally succumbed to my "GT Addiction", and picked up a couple more tractors--both JD317s--one needs a new engine, one has a good running Kohler Magnum twin. I picked up the one with the Kohler up in Arco, Idaho (what is it about Idaho and Garden Tractors??? I've bought 5 now from up...
1-2 of 2 Results