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  1. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hi guys, a fellow purchased a F510 and now we are looking for some docs, like OM and/or SM. Would be nice, if someone could help us, thanx!
  2. Member Videos
    Two weeks ago I mowed the lawn of our neighbors lot w/ a pushmower - that wasn't funny. This weekend I borrowed grandpa's John Deere CR 125 and had, after some time of studying the mower, very much fun (btw: my wife, too :smilewink: )
  3. Gardening
    Looks wonderful, but we need rain...
  4. Gardening
    The last three weeks we planted some vegetables and fruit bushes, but today the lawn mowing season started :pushmower: (the good old Viking started immediatly) and I had some work at the compost boxes - it was wonderful :dancingbanana:
  5. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Last weekend, my personal John Deere dealer Hermann Wagener invited for his spring exhibition. His company, founded by his father, is 50 years in business this year. And so he had some special offers for his costumers: buy one (tractor), get two (a tractor and a gt)... I showed Doris, my...
  6. Lawn Care
    For all of you, that didn't know this vid. With the original JD introducing text on YT:
  7. Off Topic
    This catalog from 1896, 362 sites, is a must be for every Deere guy edit: the dl is free!
  8. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Last wednesday, I was at the AGRITECHNICA. First of all: different to former years, you didn't find an "eyecatcher". All big companies where at the fairground but the biggest surprise where the exhibitors from China, India and Turkey. What brand reminds you this picture Here some pics of GT...
  9. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Two years have been gone and so last weekend started the AGRITECHNICA in Hannover, the greatest exhibition of ag machinery in the world. Here's an overview for all of you guys, who can't visite. We'll start a bus ride tomorrow morning and I think, we'll have a lot of fun there
  10. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Yes guys, we had a nice sunny weekend at this little tractor show with only ~ 150 tractors. And I've posted some pictures in the gallery. The vice chairman of the "Schlepperfreunde Reilos" is member in our JD community and he asked us, to show some Deere tractors and implement on their 15th...
  11. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    This weekend I'll visit a tractor show in a small village called Reilos. It's only 30 miles away and so I start on Friday to meet the girls and guys from our german JD group. But the exhibition is not only for JD, many german and outlandish brands will be seen. The bad, or the good, is - no...
  12. Off Topic
    Seen in England :smiley-flag013:
  13. John Deere Tractor Forum
    a hard live for this JD 112 sf w/ hydraulic lift (barn find) but you can purchase and rescue it here
  14. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Today and tomorrow I'll stay at a spring selling exhibition of our local John Deere dealer, only ten miles away from my home. So I took the JD 3120 and the 112 and drove to Bad Wildungen Wega this morning. Lil rain, but a nice ride :thumbs: Tried to post some pics, but uload is limited to10...
  15. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hi guys, Raiffeisen is a big commercial association in german speaking countries (for example, in Austria some sections are named LANDHAUS). The MTD we used 1999 for gardentractorpulling was named Raiffeisen Traktor. Now they are offering GTs, which look, I mean, like the older Bolens / MTD...
  16. Off Topic
    Seven hours ago, it was just 06:00 am in germany, I looked outside the window and saw: winter is back again! Over night we got 6'' fresh snow. Next I looked outside the window, hoping Harold will come around the corner with his Johnny plowing the snow in front of my house away - but nothing...
  17. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Hi guys, every odd year the AGRITECHNICA will be held in Hannover, Germany. You'll found here everything about agricultur. Does someone of you already know he will visit the exhibiton?!
  18. PCTalk
    Anyone used this offer?
  19. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    Hello, on the John Deere 826 snowblower a Tecumseh HMSK 80 engine is used. Does anyone has a technical manual in pdf-format for this engine. Didn't find anything w/ the searchbox or on the Tecumseh homepage. Thanks
1-20 of 27 Results