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john deere 140
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    I have a John Deere 140 and am the original owner, purchased in the late '60's early 70's. It is type t0586 s/n 042342M. Through the years I've replaced several parts, most often the starter. I've taken exceptional care of the tractor My latest problem, tractor not starting, has me...
  2. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Possibly interested in adding a Deere to my small collection of mostly Bolens and one cub. I love the 140's and know their capabilities, and there's one near by that's a heluva deal. My old man has an H1, and I'd love to have an H3. Anyway of being able to tell from this picture whether it's an...
  3. Tractor Restoration Tips & Tricks
    I have started to try and fix up an old john deere 140. I started by replacing the battery and that is as far as I have gotten. The battery was installed and there was nothing when I turned the key. I just want to know what I should try to fix first or if I need to start an extensive parts list...
1-3 of 3 Results