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  1. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    I have the heads off of my Kohler K582, and I've noticed oil seeping past the rings on both cylinders when it sits for an extended period of time(24 hrs). It leaks enough that sometimes it will leak onto the floor. Is this normal or should I be worried about problems with my rings? Is this a...
  2. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    Looking for suggestions for the best type of head gasket for my kohler k582 engine. I usually go with kohler brand but I'm interested in what people have found that works good for them. If you have a part number that would be great!
  3. Parts
    I am looking for a manifold and muffle for my bolens Ht20. I am in Ontario but happy to deal with shipping if the manifold is in good shape. Thanks!
  4. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Hey guys, Getting my ht20 ready for another heavy winter season. I al looking to upgrade my stacks. I bought the tractor without a manifold and a dual stack system, which looks and sounds pretty great. But with my 15 month old son loving my tractors and seat time as much as me, I would like...
  5. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Has anyone here seen or had a tractor with a slip yoke drive shaft? The one I found is on an 1886 with a rebuild and implanted k532 running to the eaton 12.
  6. Parts
    For sale is a NEW OLD STOCK K532 Kohler engine from the late 1970's. This is a large engine and rated at 19.9 HP (early ones rated at 19.5). It came from the Jacobsen factory when it was closed down and cleared up. Cylinders have a light oiling for storage and is missing one side cover and the...
  7. Tractors
    I have a Bolens HT-20 (2087) with original Kohler K532 19.5hp engine. Tractor for sale in WA State. It comes with Heavy Duty 54" Mower Deck / Heavy Duty Tiller / Hydraulic Dozer Blade. Recent tune-up and parts include: New Rear Oil Seal New Solenoid New Spark Plugs New Spark Plug Wires...
  8. Bolens Tractor Forum
    So I want to see if I can fix this leak on my HT20.. It leaks down below under the engine; I thought about maybe getting some carb cleaner or what have you and spraying everything as clean as I can get it, and see where its coming from, but something tells me itll just start dripping again...
1-8 of 8 Results