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  1. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I have that engine but it needs replacing. I see on ebay engines that are BS04 and CS04, anyone know what the difference is and if they are compatible? TIA
  2. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I went and picked up the JD 425 today. It was in the southern part of the state--a 5 hour drive each way including potty breaks and refueling. Hit rush hour traffic in Salt Lake coming home so I didn't get home until about 7:30... too dark to do anything tonight on it. I did take a couple...
  3. Power Equipment Forum
    I was given a late 60s KWH Holland leaf blower (Kawasaki KT30). The Serial / model tag has been destroyed. I'm unable to find manuals or info for the leaf blower. It's in great shape. Still gets spark and mostly complete. Only missing air filter cover.
1-4 of 4 Results