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  1. PCTalk
    What do you use to rip your MP3s? Trying to consolidate and reduce my CD library and want to re-rip some of my stuff at higher bit rates than the first time out. I do want to keep MP3 format as it allows me portability between Mac and Linux machines.
  2. PCTalk
  3. PCTalk
    This is a good tweak for those who like to "customize" their GUI. :smilewink:
  4. PCTalk
  5. PCTalk If you have never heard of it, it a distro that installs Chrome OS on any machine. It is lightweight and simple to use. The downside is that it is dancing with the devil called Google. I read an article that schools are using this to revive old laptops...
  6. PCTalk Interesting thought but I have concerns...
  7. Member Test Forum
    Don't Mind Me, Getting help and needed to have the pic where the member could see it easily
  8. PCTalk
    I have been reading up on some linux installs that offer the same resources as Ubuntu but a different user interface. The most recent distro to break onto the scene and receive positive reviews is elementary It is easy to use and configure as it shares the same repositories...
  9. PCTalk
    Just installed 14.04 on an old Dell dimension M11130 Core2 Duo laptop with 4 gb of ram and a 64 GB SSD drive for the garage. It has been running Win7 for about 4 years and I finaly got fed up with the endless updates. When I shut it down to wipe the drive and install Ubuntu there were 113...
  10. PCTalk
    I have an old 20" G5 iMac that Apple is no longer supporting. It is stuck on Leopard and I thought it might be interesting to Linux on it. Options are VERY limited and Ubuntu for PPC is not great so I decided to go with So far I have Mint PPC 11 installed but need to...
  11. A Dougs LGT No2 Profile

    This is my second LGT145. I was able to acquire it just a couple of weeks ago from a friend for next to nothing. The motor was bad. My friend had a local dealer swap the good motor and they put the old k321 back in it. He put the running Kohler back in his painted LGT145. The original one that I had
  12. PCTalk
    Here is a short article about taking screen shot in Linux and primarily in Ubuntu. Most of it I knew but i did learn that you can take a screen shot using Gimp as well.
1-12 of 12 Results