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  1. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey there - Just wondering if anyone here has attempted installing a 35 HP Vanguard into a 1885? Any thoughts, ideas, concerns, issues, resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Greg
  2. Tractors
    Delete if Not Allowed, Looking for the Following Models. Preferabley in Upstate New York/Northeast. Also have items to trade if anyone is willing including 3pt Implements and parts. - Massey 5/6/626/832 Ride-On Mowers - Massey 24S and 24S Deluxe Ride-On Mowers - Massey Walk-Behind Snowblowers...
  3. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    I recently acquired a kwik way loader as well As a Massey 1655. I was wondering if anyone on here who has a loader mounted to a Massey could post a few photos of the sub frame that they built to fit it. I’m just needing some ideas or any pointers if you have them !
  4. Tractors
    I have a Massey Ferguson 1650 with a few attachments I am possibly looking to sale. I have an older picture, but it is sitting at my grandmas house and I will have more up to date pictures within the next couple of days. It's been sitting but last I know it runs. Going to change the oil and gas...
  5. Tractors
    Engine needed: Kohler K. 321S or a Kohler K. 341S (need complete engine) - Must have a service block as it fits in a MF14 Would also be interested in buying complete MF14 or MF16 tractor with mower as they are used weekly.
  6. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey gang, Looking for some insight for my massey trans. 2 questions To make it relatively quick. Over the last 4 years or so I have had the one of two snap rings inside the differential that keeps the wheel axles into place come off its line and so as I turn I lose the right rear wheel as...
  7. Parts
    Looking for plastic dash and console in very good condition for restoration project. NOS would be preferred but consider anything better than what I have. Located in Nova Scotia Canada so will need to be willing to ship. Thanks.
  8. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey GT beauty's. I don'y know if this is rare or super common but I had a friend come over and thought it was the coolest thing. So here it is and I will let you be the judge. It's an older Massey Ferguson Battery Charger that I still use and works great. You can do 6-8 volt or 12 volt...
  9. Garden Tractor Forum
    I finally had some good garage time and was able to button up the finished product of the dethatcher. Little back story was this was a home made implement from my papa, He has since passed and I have followed in his footsteps of this hobby! You can check my profile to see other posts of my...
  10. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey all. I've got this Dethatcher for the 3pt hitch that I am starting to restore. It came with my grandpas Massey and all the other attachments are Massey. As I was chipping away at it I realized it was also bright red. ( a long long time ago) I couldn't find anything in the manuals I...
  11. Tractors
    Hi All, I am looking for a Tractor. I am interested in either a MF12 or Cub cadet 147 In either case, I would prefer a nice, straight, original tractor. I would also consider good restorations. I am located in Montreal, Canada and would be willing to travel a fair distance for the right...
  12. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hey folks, its that time of year again and I have finished (for now) working on the Massey 1450 as seen below. Now the blade I have can rotate a full 360 so I plan on reversing to do the driveway and more than likely the ends of my neighbors drive as well! I've got wheel weights that I...
  13. Massey Collection

    Here's my Massey Feruson Collection. The Crftsman will be the donor to built my own Massey Ferguson 20-12 all wheel steering (the one on the picture without decals)
  14. Massey Ferguson 30-13 AWS

    My Massey Ferguson 30-13 fitted with blower, bagger and all wheel steering.
  15. Massey Ferguson 30-13

    My Massey Ferguson 30-13 fitted with blower and bagger
  16. Massey Ferguson 20-12

    My Massey Ferguson 20-12 fitted with bagger and blower
  17. Massey Ferguson 10-10

    My little Mssey Ferguson 10-10, produced by Noma
  18. Garden Tractor Forum
    I was always interested in machinery, like old trucks and tractors. My papa was the head salesman at Advantage in Essex County Ontario for many years so I always bugged him to ride all the tractors and hang out in the shop growing up.. Sadly he passed but when he did he left his baby to me in...
  19. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    I just acquired a Massey Ferguson MF-12 garden tractor. I've located a model 620 snow thrower for it, but I'm aware that there are different styles and I have no idea which style is the correct fit for my tractor. There was a similar discussion about the model 720 blower on this forum and...
  20. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    Hi I recently bought a MF-12 from a friend, I have started by cleaning it up, taking of the engine etc- but would like to know, do I have a 10 or a 12, the hood says 12 but the chassis says 10, also I assume I lost a belt or two, and in the manual I downloaded I can not figure out the sizes or...
1-20 of 36 Results