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  1. Parts
    Muffler, exhaust manifold, and shields removed from my Iseki built Bolens G152. This has the Mitsubishi KE 70 two cylinder diesel, 1978 model year. Muffler is one piece with the exhaust manifold, muffler is in fair to poor condition, but no holes. Shields are in good condition, but need some...
  2. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    I found this link on the Napa Auto Parts website. It shows numerous different mowers, tractors, etc. and the engines used to power them. This would be real handy for those looking for repower engines--if a mower is for sale cheap, you can look up the engine model on the website. Smitty...
  3. Other Hobbies and Toys
    I can never resist buying something that is a bit different. I've been looking for a VW Camper Van and found this instead so it came home with me today. He wanted to much for it so I showed him I bought it anyway ... It's a 1987 Mitsubishi Van Wagon. They're pretty rare, Imported from 87 to 91...
1-3 of 3 Results